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Entry Level

VMG DMS Lite serves as the entry level product into the DMS market. Dealers who use VMG DMS Lite generally do so due to the low cost of the software. VMG DMS Lite provides dealers with a basic Stock Management tool.


With VMG DMS Lite dealers can update stock purchases, load reconditioning costs and invoice sold vehicles. This product also includes basic stock and sales reports and is easily upgradable to VMG DMS Pro.

For Beginners

VMG DMS Lite is the perfect product to start with if you are not accustomed to use DMS.

  • Stock List
  • Purchase Details
  • MM Codes Preloaded
  • Load Vehicle Extras
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Vehicle Quotes
  • General Vehicle Notes
  • Vehicle Adverts
  • Integrates with your Website
  • Stock Reports
  • Add Reconditioning Costs
  • Vehicle Appraisal Form
  • Job Card
  • Automated VAT Calculators
  • Over Allowance
  • Integrated with SERITI
  • Invoicing
  • Load Reconditioning Costs
  • Consignment Cars Management
  • Sales Reports


Lite Features Plus

VMG DMS Pro includes all the features available in VMG DMS Lite.

Most Comprehensive

Extend into South Africa's most comprehensive Independent Dealership Management System.

Eagle Vision

Enabling dealers to gain a crystal clear and complete picture of every area in their dealership.

  • Bank Settlement Notes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Manage Aftersales
  • 2nd Gross Management
  • F&I Management
  • Floor Plan Management
  • Sundry Invoices
  • Outstanding Debtor Payments
  • Outstanding Creditor Payments
  • Loading Dealership Expenses
  • VAT Reports
  • D.O.C.'s (Daily Operating Control)

VMG DMS Accounting

Pro Features Plus

VMG DMS Accounting includes all the features available in VMG DMS Pro but also includes additional Accounting features.

Qualified Bookkeeper Required

VMG DMS Accounting is only available to dealerships that have a qualified accountant or bookkeeper working onsite.

Replace Pastel

VMG DMS Accounting replaces the existing accounting software such as Pastel or QuickBooks.

  • Customizable Chart of Accounts
  • Purchases Journal
  • Sales Journal
  • Customer Journal
  • Supplier Journal
  • General Journal
  • Cash Books (Six Banks)
  • Creditors Age Analysis
  • Debtors Age Analysis
  • Creditors Ledgers
  • Debtors Ledger
  • General Ledgers
  • Debtors Ledger Summary
  • Creditors Ledger Summary
  • Income Statements
  • Stock Month End
  • Ledger Month End
  • Accounting Month End
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Match Items
  • Credit Notes
  • Tax detail by Tax Type Report (VAT)

VMG Webmaster

VMG Webmaster is incredibly inexpensive and when compared to the prices dealerships are charged by website development businesses, the obvious choice is VMG Webmaster.

Upload Everywhere

VMG Webmaster makes the management of your vehicles on your website so easy, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. VMG Webmaster integrates VMG Dealer with your website effortlessly and seamlessly.

Automatic Removal

Stop paying excessive fees from web marketing companies to have your own website maintained. VMG Webmaster is a simple and effective solution for dealers who sell their vehicles on the internet.

More to come

Let us know if your preferred advertising platform is not listed. We will investigate and provide feedback to you promptly.

  • Invoiced vehicles are automatically marked for removal from website
  • Simple click and transfer to website functionality
  • Includes standard features such as extras, images, colour, km's, condition, descriptions, make, model, year, selling price ect.
  • View vehicles that are uploaded to your website simply and efficiently
  • View vehicles have images but are not uploaded with one click of your mouse
  • Easy referencing and viewing of website leads and contact details
  • Receive email prompts of new website leads
  • Receive system prompts for new website leads

VMG SMS Reminda

Pay as You Use

VMG SMS Reminda is a pay per transaction service implemented when invoicing your client. It allows you to send standard SMS's to your customers who have purchased vehicles from you.

Automated Customer Greeting

VMG SMS Reminda is an automated SMS greeting service from your dealership to your customers.

SMS Options

The following SMS's are sent from SMS Reminda

  • Fuel Price Increase Reminda
  • Happy Birthday Wish
  • Licence Expiry Reminda
  • Interest Rate Change Reminda
  • Insurance Value Change Reminda